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Dryer Repair

When you trust dryer service to our team in Ajax, you spend less time doing chores and more time on things you love. You also have peace of mind as far as your safety is concerned and never worry about large utility bills. At Appliance Repair Ajax, we take care of your dryers to enable them to perform properly, affordably, and safely. Our team is here to maintain them and install new ones. When it comes to dryer problems, rest assured that you will have our immediate support. We take care of any problem by offering same day emergency dryer repair Ajax service.Dryer Repair Ajax

Need dryer repair now? Give us a call

Dryer problems? Let us solve them. One of our local dryer repair experts helps as soon as possible. Does the cycle take forever? Is there increased humidity in the room? Do clothes keep coming out damp and hot? When things are out of the ordinary, give us a call. We offer affordable service and help each customer in Ajax as fast as possible. Our technicians focus on the problem. What caused the dryer to malfunction? Is the appliance or some of its tubes clogged with lint? Are some components broken? We take action immediately.

Once the problem is identified, we proceed with the service. We fix gas and electric dryers and also offer washer and dryer repair. Regardless of the type of your dryer and its brand, our technicians have the expected skills to troubleshoot and fix the problem. The spares we use to replace the damaged parts are of the best quality and are installed with great care.

Our dryer service techs install all kinds of home dryers

All installations related to dryers are done with caution. You can depend on our dryer installation service. Whether your new dryer is ventless or must be properly connected to tubes, our technicians make sure it is installed to perform with safety. We take every step necessary to ensure its fitted well so that you won’t have safety issues in the future. You can count on our expert job every time you need dryer repair in Ajax or services related to this laundry room appliance.